Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Smiling girl!

A little bump on the road

We like stable and normal. Especially when it comes to bloodcounts. Fortunately Sebastians counts have been stable for more than 8 years, which is rather unusual when it comes to Fanconi Anemia.
However, a blooddraw from Februrary showed a big drop in the white count and a not so big drop in the red count, which of course just reminded us, that stable counts are probably not here forever. The most likely explanation for the drop was an outbreak of parvovirus B19 in Sebastians school. Sebastian did not display too many symptoms of the (normally) mild virus, but his counts took a little hike.
Four weeks after the draw, we retested and the white count had gone up to normal by itself, whereas the red count had not moved. We expect it to come back round over the coming months, and are not too alarmed by this. B19 is known to have an impact on the bone marrow, and the fact that Sebastians marrow worked itself up again to (almost) normal levels is a good sign.

Three in a row!

Julie has got the best siblings in the world!